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 Sonya Lumiste 8.10.09 - 21.05.23

Sonya Page

Rosa  03.01.2003 - 01.06.2021


                                                                        Rosa Page

                                                                        Biscuit Baby - Fanya   02.07.2002 - 27.11.2017



Fanya Page

                                                                           Michel Lumiste (Basya)  06.03.2008 - 19.09.2014

                                            Basya Page





                                                 Lilit Lumiste  23.09.2006 - 24.07.2013

        Lilit Page





                                                                              Ketrin Darvest   03.05.1994 - 31.05.2012


              Katya - the cleverest cat of the world.  Thank you for18 years together. Hope we will meet some day.





Katya Page

                                                                                  Jutta and Maya


Jutta was my first dog -long -more than 10 years awaited. Intellegent as only collie can be, soft and noble. Life with her  that was 12 years of happiness. My best friend every day and everywhere.    
Maya was our first sheltie. Gentle, kind, devoted and obedient .Real sheltie. Maya lived 13 years.
The both will remain with us for ever.

    Ches Jutta Viti
03.05.1988 - 04.02.2000









 Mariolan Viola Maya
  10.06.1992 - 17.06.2005